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Somalia has a very long cost where you can find all kinds of fish.

We  have prepared a long term and short term plan to benefit from the sea.  which will be posted on the website.

now there are small companies that produce lobster fish and all kinds of seafood.

They are connected to companies that export to the world. so that we can increase production.  So as to get  international markets

Oil & Gas

Jet fuel. unrefined fuel.  Refined fuel. The most famous industry in the world and the lowest price   diesel import. & Export using knowledge and experience for a long time



This frankincense species is found only on the steep vertical slopes of coastal of Somalia. Similar to other frankincense trees, Boswellia frereana favors soil rich in limestone and thrives in a hotclimate.

Hooyo gtc It brings to you where to find it and there are plenty of low cost savings worth noting that the world is selling at a medium price



Sugar imported to Somalia has been over hundreds of thousands of tons per year, but there is no system or regulation. There is a need to bring cheap sugar to meet the needs of neighboring countries.  sugar comes from Brazil and India.  There is a burden or a need so we respond to the need.  It is benefiting from its relationship with more than 12 refineries in Brazil and India.  sugar 30 Indian and Brazilian sugar.

Our company has focused on making it easy for traders to import sugar from Brazil at a lower price than others.

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