Who We Are

Who We Are

Hooyo gtc It is a modern company that has adapted to the changes in the world’s economic development. It works in the 5 countries of the world.  It participates in many sectors that create modern development. Inheritance and mutual understanding between big companies in the world and buyers who are willing to do business is the main agenda that was established for the company.  Finding markets to benefit Somali products. Encouraging young people and creating useful jobs is what I stand for

Our Vision

Our Vision is to understand each other and work with honesty, trust and openness, which paves the way for legacy business, which creates wealth to get out of poverty and towards a brighter future.

Free trade of Somalia with neighboring countries to created integration with the world community and the neighbors.

 To  connect the major ports of Africa and the rest of the world so that the life service can reach many countries, and give benefit  to different parts of society

Our Mission

Establishing a business community.  work on the development of the creation of a trading community. finding visionary businessman and women  who export and import.

Understand the changing knowledge of the global business world, and have experience in sales and create a community that cares about free trade.

We have created a modern system that shows that the free trade of Somalia with neighboring countries can help uplift all of us.

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